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Mesgana Shoe is an Enterprise manufacturing quality hand-made shoes. Our firm was founded in 2006 in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. At present, employing 3 family members and 30 workers. The company sells approximately 2000 pairs of shoes per month which are distributed in Addis Ababa. We have a capacity to produce 100 pairs of sandals or 60 pairs of cover shoes a day.

Move Ahead Of Your Mark!

Mesgana Shoe is a family-owned business with great potential and room for expansion. Our future objective is to expand export products to international markets and to increase the assortment by cover shoes as well as high quality sandals. All the materials used for shoes are bought from Ethiopia.

Currently 15 shops around Addis Ababa are selling Mesgana Shoe. There are also other occasional points of sale such as exhibition centers and markets.
Committed to prior quality and working excellence, we have been engaging in quality shoe manufacturing while offering a very fair and reasonable price. We design finniest shoe for finniest feet!

Innovative. Different. Comfy.




Our mission is to stand out as leading and globally recognized shoe brand while suppling premium standard shoe-products for both local and international markets.



Our vision is to be the leading and most preferred shoe brand in the nation and beyond.

Core Values


  • Quality
  • Integrity and team work
  • Effectiveness and work excellence
  • On time delivery and work ethics
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Environmental protection